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Should I pay $450 for a MIJ 3120?

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Cause I have no idea... guy on local CL has it up with the hard case for that price. Says it's made in Japan, it has a bolt-on neck, and a chip out of the paint on the back/bottom. I searched before posting but didn't find anything relevant... thanks

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Never understood this mentality really. Its not your call if he buys it or not. Its simply your decision to buy or not buy it from him.

If someone is dumb, and doesnt research fair market value for their item, and list it wayyy too low, why are you the buy, obligated to repeat this same mistake.

this is akin to buying a house in a recession, and selling it for the price you bought it for when the market returned. It just doesn't make sense on any level.

Now, I feel if you get an insane deal on a guitar, and don't bond with it, you should at least try to hook people up, but it's not really a big deal that someone flips guitars. Ever heard of a "pawn shop" or "guitar center" perhaps?

What does a guy in fairfax virginia care what's being sold on craigslist in colorado?
You took my whole point out of context. I understood the guy's post as if he was going to buy the guitar just to flip it and not even try it. That, to me is just pointless.

Now, whether I live in VA or in CO or LA, who are you to say what I should or shouldn't care about? Did it ever occur to you that there might be other people reading this thread that live in the same locality?

I didn't take it out of context, just never understood what it mattered if he buys it and puts it on ebay for its fair value... If someone there really wanted this guitar, theyd have bought it by now for sure. If it was near me, Id buy it.

and please don't put words in my mouth. I simply asked why you would about a sale 2000 miles away from you. I made no mention of telling you should, or shouldn't.

bottom line, its none of our business really. If he wants to buy it and sell it, thats his prerogative. This "holier then though" stuff is a bit tiring after a while though... If you have enough expendable income to buy guitars and sell them for half what they are worth, then go nuts dude. lol
Look who is back...

You have all your old business here straightened out ? Excellent....
Haha yeah :p
Can't wait for a new pic of Linux foot next to a guitar. ;)
ssshhh let me have SOME suspense here... ;)

That said, my final two cents here... Id buy it. Find something else to sell instead. the 3120 is an OUTSTANDING guitar.
Lol you guys would cry if you saw what I payed for guitars xD
1 - 6 of 47 Posts
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