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Should I pay $450 for a MIJ 3120?

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Cause I have no idea... guy on local CL has it up with the hard case for that price. Says it's made in Japan, it has a bolt-on neck, and a chip out of the paint on the back/bottom. I searched before posting but didn't find anything relevant... thanks

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Penguin AND dragster back on the same day.....IN THE SAME THREAD?????

BRB.... checking to see if the sky is falling..............:):)

Good to see you guys are still alive and kicking!!
Can't wait for a new pic of Linux foot next to a guitar. ;)

will he be wearing the purple toe ring???
ssshhh let me have SOME suspense here... ;)

That said, my final two cents here... Id buy it. Find something else to sell instead. the 3120 is an OUTSTANDING guitar.

depending on condition, it would be stupid to pass on a 3120 for that price. I doubt you'd get double if you were to sell, but I could see $700 pretty easily.
It's still there. I don't think I can post a link in here but it isn't hard to find.
Your right....it's the same exact guitar- look at the curl in the maple top.


His price is too high....... I bet he gets it though..........
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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