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Should I pay $450 for a MIJ 3120?

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Cause I have no idea... guy on local CL has it up with the hard case for that price. Says it's made in Japan, it has a bolt-on neck, and a chip out of the paint on the back/bottom. I searched before posting but didn't find anything relevant... thanks

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ssshhh let me have SOME suspense here... ;)

That said, my final two cents here... Id buy it. Find something else to sell instead. the 3120 is an OUTSTANDING guitar.

depending on condition, it would be stupid to pass on a 3120 for that price. I doubt you'd get double if you were to sell, but I could see $700 pretty easily.

depending on condition, it would be stupid to pass on a 3120 for that price. I doubt you'd get double if you were to sell, but I could see $700 pretty easily.
Definitely, $700 is still a great price for one in good condition.
$450 For a Rg3120? If I was living in your area I would be all over that like white on rice.
First of all, buy the fu*k out of it. Killer price.

Second, welcome back, Penguin!
I emailed him cause he left no number. If anyone cares, I'll let you all know what happens. Thanks.
How else am I going to fund my habit man? I have bought several guitars intending to flip them and never have let go of a one.
Good point. But coming from one who has either bought or co-bought 100 guitars with the idea of flipping them at times, I never made a profit once.

However, now in the Internet age, there's a possibility to make money quickly but only very little on small quantities. I would find a buyer based on pix, and tell the person you bought it from to ship it to xxx-address without divulging you are flipping it. Get it for $450 and sell it for $550. The original owner won't care where he ships it to as long as the costs are about the same as getting it to you. If you buy it for $450 and have it shipped to you, you will have to ship it elsewhere and then you would have to sell it for $625 dollars and that's starting to get quite unlikely.

When flipping on anything, go for a reasonable 20-25% percent markup unless you have a shop. If you get greedy and want more, it will just sit there.

Take into consideration how long it takes to find a steal, and if you have it sent to you, the additional shipping costs including box and packaging. You would have to do it on some scale, maybe a guitar a week, to make enough of a profit to make GAS money. It's still easier to get another pt job or increase hours where you are working instead of the headache of bidding out for guitars and expecting to sell them. You almost have to have a small business to make it worth your time. People only think in terms of the actual dollar amount and forget about the time it takes to find an instrument and actually get a reasonable winning bid on it. There are others out there with your same goal of flipping guitars, antiques, baseball cards, etc and you can't go in halfway. There is a sweet spot without going to small like I did with a guitar every five weeks or going too big and then having to have a sizable storage place which has its own expenses.

I had a friend who initially bought quite a few bikes, working or not, and built up a serious inventory of used bikes and parts and then started to sell them for a small profit on each bike. He sold enough bikes every month to be able to quit his part time job so he could focus on school. He knew there was no going in halfway on the used bicycle business.
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I have a great paying job, no problems there, and I work where the guitar is, so no shipping, but yeah I know that to try to flip stuff all the time would be tough. I was thinking today, I have several guitars - not tons by any means, and probably the nicest ones are a 7620 and a pro line 1440. Not high end guitars. I play often enough, and have played for almost 30 years. Anyway, I don't need a bunch of guitars. They are neat but they tie up money. So what I should do is take my SZ320 to the pawn shop and see what they would give me... that way I can get rid of one of my five electrics and then I would just keep this 3120... IF I even hear back from the guy.
I see absolutely nothing wrong with buying a guitar to resale. If I can make a few bucks and get to have another toy for awhile, I think thats great!!
Yeah me too. I decided to see if I could get anything real quick on the SZ320, but alas, I could not. I had about half of the necessary cash stashed, but I am no longer allowed to ask my wife if I can have money to buy more music crap... I have to liquidate in order to do that.

So this guy is going to drive it 55 miles north and deliver it to someone tomorrow! Someone is having that guitar delivered to them for $450! He said I could buy it if I picked it up today, that it would save him that trip, but I couldn't make it work.
As others have said: hit it.

The 3120 is becoming something of a classic, and this one is a pre-2003 model with Lo Pro. You can't lose at a price like that.
Did you get it? Someone in Co listed one on that site for a HUGE markup from 450. ;)
Hmmm... I couldn't find it. But I did see a red one for $900 that looked more beat than the one I couldn't get... no I did not buy it. And no I am not happy about it.
It's still there. I don't think I can post a link in here but it isn't hard to find.
It's still there. I don't think I can post a link in here but it isn't hard to find.
Your right....it's the same exact guitar- look at the curl in the maple top.


His price is too high....... I bet he gets it though..........
His price is too high....... I bet he gets it though..........
I doubt he will get it. If it was mint he might but it will go for around 700-850ish.
I searched and still can't find it. In trying to come up with the money, I would have sold one off so I would have kept this 3120. This is just pissing me off more and more...
Oh I see - it's on ebay. I never go there so I didn't recognize the numbering...
I know. While I fault no one for making a buck it would be nice to find a good deal like that more often. However, I did snag a nice 1570 Grey for 250 last month.
Lol you guys would cry if you saw what I payed for guitars xD
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