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Should I pay $450 for a MIJ 3120?

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Cause I have no idea... guy on local CL has it up with the hard case for that price. Says it's made in Japan, it has a bolt-on neck, and a chip out of the paint on the back/bottom. I searched before posting but didn't find anything relevant... thanks

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Lol you guys would cry if you saw what I payed for guitars xD
TBH, I really don't care.
Man that sucks. If there was someone selling a guitar like that here I'd find a way somehow to buy it. What a great bargain it was. It's a real shame that it wasn't bought by someone who genuinely wanted one of these. :(
Okay, so now I am looking at an RGT 42DXFX. Guy wants $650 for it. Someone help me, is this decent? Sounds high... but I don't know:
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