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I've seen a few discussions on the topic of what the best tremolo system is, but not much explanation as to why. Can I get an explanation as to why the lo-pro, original Edge, ZR, etc. are so good, and why the Edge Zero 2 is less desirable? I just bought a used Jiva10 (coming in the mail tomorrow) because it was a steal, and I'm looking at possibly upgrading the tremolo. Can someone explain the advantages/disadvantages of some of the other tremolo systems?

I was also thinking about getting a tremel-no, as I'm in a band that occasionally has to tune down to drop-D. From what I've been told, these won't work on an Edge Zero II. (mine doesn't appear to have the wheel-thingy) Can anyone confirm this? I don't want to do a more permanent mod, like a wood block, because the convenience of changing from floating to non-floating in a few seconds would be really nice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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