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Show us,(tell us) what kind of setup of have. Racks, pedals, guitars, or amps.

I am using

Boss SD-1
Boss DS-1
Danelectro Metal Fab(great distortion for a 15.00 pedal)
Boss RV-3 (Digital Delay/ Reverb)
Dunlop Original Crybaby
Danelectro Milkshake Chorus


Peavey Heritage Series
Gibson Maestro (1967 Vintage amp)
Marshall Speakers

Scalloped Epiphone Gibson Jr. Double Cutaway(broken)
Fender Mex Strat w/ Dimarzio 2 Tone Zone Single Coil
Series 10 guitar( now Austin Guitars)

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well i dont like using effects too much.

I have:
yamaha magic stomp
boss tu-2 tuner
peavey xxl
2x12 cab loaded with eminence texas heats
a home made overdriver pedal

my guitars are
ibanez usrg30
ibanez rg570
dean evo 7 string
yamaha pac112 (my first guitar)

i pretty much go right into the amp, i never liked messing with effects much, the overdriver i made is cool, i will use it every now and then , it boosts bass and mid a bit more then the highs, it gives a really strong boost as well, works better with tube amps though.

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ibanez customized jem..or gibson les paul std or fender strat ...one of these goes into my pedal board.which is.. boss-Ds1..Boss-sd1..ibanez Delay unit...custom A/B/C box..channel A goes to a Boss-tu2..B goes to a Marshall jcm 800 (into the high channel) then a booster pedal is run through the fx loop on the marshall..C then goes to a fender delux 40 watt for clean ...it's my sound..

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Ibanez JEM7VWH
Ibanez UV777PBK
Washburn Strat (Upgraded; Wilkinson tremolo, Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates HB)

Bogner Ecstasy 101B
Marshall Lead 1936 2x12

Rocktron Replifex
Morley Bad Horsie
Digitech Bad Monkey

Axess Electronics MFC5 MIDI-controller

This is an old image, not showig the entire rig as it is these days.

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