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Hi Folks,
Im about to take delivery of a new Siggery Custom 8 string, its due any day now! Before it arrives and i take a load of photos, i thought id share the specs.
Its been a long process of about 6 months, mainly because i changed my mind a lot and Marty has been great to work with. This is my first custom guitar and I've tried very hard to make it my own instrument and not copy anything from anywhere else.

Body- Mahogany
Top- Quilted Maple- Natural Matte finish
Fretboard- Rosewood
Neck- Wenge/Bubinga
H-H with 5 way selector (creme in colour), Siggery Custom pickups
24 frets with offset dot inlays in MOP
Scalloped frets from 24-16 gradually spanning over the fretboard
Fanned fret with scale length- 25.5-27.5
Jem style jack
ANNJ with custom access routing
Custom designed headstock with Quilted maple cap

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