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OK, the site is back and should be visible worldwide :)

It was down from Sat. evening until Monday noontime... give or take a few hours due to some DNS changes I made in the meantime.

I am in the process of pruning the database to make the database less difficult to "backup" regularly and "restore" if needed. 900mb text files are unwieldy.

I'm going to be pruning more regularly, but aside from the classifieds, each forum should keep conversations at least 1 year old.

The general classifieds will be pruned to contain 6 months posts and the JEM a bit longer. Older classified ads will be moved to and "archived classifieds" area that is for "site contributors" and "vendors" only.

Vendors also now have a VENDOR tag under. So do "site contributors".

The navigation bar (top menu directly above the sponsor ads) has been tweaked. Addes is a link to the new REVIEWS system where gear can be databased, cataloged and reviewed over time :)

... glen
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