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Kick Ass Video!!!Was that your Blue Ibanez or a new black one on the vid? I love how you do that Major and minor scale switching while soloing. It adds allot of style to the solo's. I'm trying to do more of that so my solo's arent sterile. I have a bad habit of sounding mechanical. That's what I get for overemphasizing picking technique.

My Buddy just did a video for them, a couple months ago, under "riff of the month" (Howie Simon, Buffalo native, now with Jeff Scott Soto/Talisman/Ken Tamplin Fame). He is more of an Yngwie Type guy though. I try to sound more like your style ' cause it doesn't get pigeon holed into the neo classical shred school (god, I hate the word "Shred"). Your style is recognizable yet adaptable to various genres. Very cool!!!

- Andrew
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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