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Six String Fufu
Written by Vincent

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Hello, kiddies.

I want to thank Ava first of all for inviting me to share a few minutes with you. At first, I was a bit challenged as to what I could bring to the party. That's when it hit me in a flash: spin some funky tunes with the common thread being the guitar chops of course... Whether it's the chunky scratch of a funky riff or the experience of a full blown mind bending run, for me it's always been about having good chops. I learned that from my friend Mike, who incidentally is the primary reason Fufu Stew exists.

This little mix contains just a few damn fine tunes with some damn fine chops that have been getting the maximum rotation here in the kitchen over the past month. Some common, some as easy to find as a needle in a haystack, but all cooked up to perfection. When it was finished, I "put my foot in it" to make it extra funky. I hope you dig it as much as I do...

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Six String Fufu

01 Showstopper-Iron Knowledge
02 Nickol Nickol-Brothers Of Hope
03 Give Me Your Love-Funk, Inc.
04 Ain't No Sunshine-Eddy Senay
05 Peace In Mississippi-Jimi Hendrix
06 Swivel Your Hips Pts. 1&2-The Gaturs
07 Hogwash-Earnest Jackson
08 Confusion-Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones
09 Every Man For Himself-The Road Runners
10 Come Down Baby Pt. 2-The Beginning Of The End
11 Walk On-The Jackson 5ive
12 Train To Nowhere-Rare Earth
13 Gettin' It On-Dennis Coffey
14 Untitled Instrumental-Parliament
15 The Flower Song-The Meters
16 Hey Jude-Wilson Pickett
17 The Girl From Kenya-The Fabulous Counts
18 Trippin'-Cal Green
19 After You Done It (or I Made A Mistake)-James Brown
20 Get Into Something Pt. 2-The Isley Brothers

Please download and enjoy Six String Fufu, an mp3 file, 69 MB.

This is just a sample though... the complete double shot can be had over at my place. Drop on by anytime. Until then, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Thanks to Fleamarket Funk, This Is Tomorrow, and Kevin from the I Hear A New World Podcast.

Ever since he was given his first radio with a cassette player attached, Vincent has been fascinated by mixtapes. He showcases this passion with Fufu Stew, a blog for those who can't have enough songs in one collection.
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