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I bought Meshuggah's Catch 33 album yesturday and listened to it with much amazment.

This is one of the most different albums i've ever heard. I didn't think they could do many amazing solo's as on Nothing but i was prooved wrong by "Entrapment". Simply amazing solo!

And does anyone have any idea how they made those VERY low down sounds on track 7 - Mind's Mirrors? It sounds like they've got some sort of whammy bar going on an 8-string!

The best track for me would be "Sum". That has one of the best riffs i've heard in a long time on it. There seems to be alot of drones where you get a very simple ostinato being droned over and over and over and over and... yeah, you get the point!

On track 8 "In death - Is death" there is a small part where the guitars suddenly cutout, then fade in again like a sample. This is definatly some sort of pedal (a delay most probably), and i want it!!!

What does everyone else think of it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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