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I managed to sell our Left handed MIM Strat. I had it for sale for about 3 weeks and took it to Guitar Center to finally sell it. Made 10 dollars less than I would have got after Reverb’s fees and shipping.

So I called Zzounds, one of the few dealers that had a Jem Junior, and ordered one for my daughter. She decided after playing the last year lefty and the year before that playing righty, that she felt she had better results with her playing right handed.

She wanted the hot pink Jem Jr. SP, but I couldn’t find one, so I looked at the white one. She said she wanted one like mine, and the one I got looks sorta like mine, so hopefully it won’t need anything to make it look more like my Premium.

She will be able to play with the whammy bar and not have to retune. The pink SP looks like my other Jem SP, but mine is yellow. I may have to get a MOP pearloid pickguard to put on the white Jr. it should be here Saturday.
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