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I just broke my whammy bar arm socket in my Ibanez S470 (ZR1 tremolo) again... So this time i'm shanging in the shaller trem arm in! I just ordered it so it'll still take a couple of weeks to get to me (damn Australia being so isolated!). I'm so keen to have some quality metal in there that wont chip away and a POP IN ARM! (Probably not as exciting for the rest of you edge users, but this will be my first!)

ALSO, from my calculations, my strings should snap pretty soon, and i just happen to have a fresh set of ZOG 10's ready to bust out onto my guitar! I'm really interested in feeling the difference of zachary's "progressive tension" strings, especially on whammy bar feel.

So if you're even slightly as excited as I am, you should probably keep an eye on this post, and i'll probably put up a review of the ZOG strings on here and in the review section too (as i noticed there was nothing on them under the review section when i was researching these bad boys (unless i was totally blind, which is entirely possible)) and i'll probably let you guys know how the trem arm mod goes too, as it seems to be suggested here a couple of times, but i don't remember reading any news on their outcome.

Toodles, Julz!
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