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Ok, cleaning house again. I've got a few things I can let go. You can view pics of the items here: http://www.daveweiner.com/4sale.html

Here's the description of the items:

SOLD - 1. Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge 7. This is the original trem that was on the "Agent Skully" guitar before I put a chrome one on. It works perfectly but the finish has obviously worn b/c I played the **** out of this guitar on the 99-00 Ultrazone tour. Comes with a whammy bar.

SOLD - 2. 2 DiMarzio/Ibanez 7 string pups. Original pups from the "Agent Skully" guitar. The pups were replaced in 4/05 b/c I needed a lower output pup. These are the standard pups that come on the 7620 guitars. They actually sound nice for a stock pup. You'll get a 3rd 7 string pup with purchase. I don't know where the pup came from or what model it is.

3. Canon BJC-85 portable printer. Works perfectly. Great for the traveller or if you don't want to congest your desk area with a large printer. Prints color and b&w. Comes with extra print head that holds a larger black cartridge for just printing black/white documents.

I don't really know what these items sell for. I'll do some research. Just make me a reasonable offer. All prices will be "plus shipping" though.

Email or IM me if you're interested: daveweiner1 or [email protected]
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