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Someone got an amazing deal...

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Someone (not me) got an amazing deal, a MIJ JS (1000?) for $305:


Or maybe they'll be in for a surprise when they open the package and find that they bought an RG after all...

This might just be a case of the seller uploading the wrong pics, but every so often you see something similar to this on instrument-exchange, where the seller has no clue as to what they're selling. So far I've seen an RG570 with a buy-now price of $150, and a few other decent deals.

I don't even know why I look at this stuff, seeing as how I've got enough guitars right now anyways. It's some kind of compulsion...
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Devo said:
notice how the last pic in the series is actually from a 570... Im guessing someone had trouble uploading pics
Yeah, you're right, a blue RG. I didn't see that.
Polaris20 said:
Instrument Exchange I believe is run by GC. They are so absurdly wrong half the time, it's amazing they sell anything at all.

They had an "RG7631" for sale with an F serial (MIJ) with a description saying it was MIK and listing it for $569. It's been up there for about 2 months now.

I e-mailed them politely correcting them that it's neither a 7631 nor is it MIK, but they never responded, nor did they change the listing.

Yes, it's hosted and run by GC, but there are independent sellers on there as well. And yes, some of the time their listings are incredibly wrong.

If you're brave you can sometimes get a good deal, though. I bought a Boss DS-1 that was listed without a picture or a description for $25. Much to my surprise, it was in perfect condition, and came with a battery AND the AC adapter. Not too shabby.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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