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Something a little "Juicey" :)

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Hey all, been playing a lot of Vai lately so covered this one and thought i'd share. So heres my attempt at one of my favorite Steve Vai tunes. Cheers for listening!

Super fast Stream


or this one for a direct download:

http://www.omission.fireway.co.uk/Kev'sJuice-FinalMix.mp3 <<< Damn board


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Andelusion said:
Hey it sounds really good :)

You've got the main riff down well and the pinch harmonics are spot on most of the time, you obviously need to practise it to be able to play it perfectly but that'll come with time.

The start of the solo where there's the break down moving down the neck with the palm muted chords and slides was a bit out of time and some of the outro solo was a bit wonky but it was great on the whole.

You've got the groove of the track which is what's most important, i've been able to "Play" Juice for ages but can never get it to jig and groove properly.
Cheers guys! I thing you hit the nail on the head dude, it is very very wonky on the outro. I'll see what i can do :)
mesa_boogie_man said:
i thought that was very cool. i've always liked that song but never have taken the time to learn it. i think you've inspired me to give it a shot now :)
where'd you get the backing track?
I think i got it from track 7, its the exact one vai used. Definitly give it a shot dude! Its great!
JTM45 said:
That sounds GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Nice playing and sound.

What set-up/gear did you use for it ?
Its only my 2nd ever proper attempt at a mix really dude!

Heres what i used:

Ibanez RG2570EX using the bridge bucker (Seymour Duncan JB) into a Boss GT 6 with a Vai patch ive been working on for ages but can never get there all the way lol. Boss GT6 normally goes into a Marshall MG50dfx, but today it went into my 100W Marshall VS100, which i handily mangaed to pickup for £50 :)

The VS100 was mic'd centre on the cone with a Shure SM57, but a few cm back in order to avoid a harsher /clipped sound.
Recorded straight into my little Zoom MRS4 4-track onto smart media and whipped onto the PC.

Cool edit pro was used to mix it, and i did a little messing with the EQ, sterteo tracked the guitar and added a little reverb. Played a round a little with the panning too, as ive never really done much with it, because i noticed that on the breakdown in Juice the guitar seems to pan left about 75% i think.


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mesa_boogie_man said:
i'm not familiar with track 7 :confused: do you have any more info?
add me to your msn and im sure i could help ;)
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