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*Spider II*

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I am looking at buying a small 112 Spider II combo amp from Line 6. It has 12 amp models, 7 effects, and 4 User programmable channels with a built-in front panel tuner. It's a small 75 watt package. I was wondering if there were any better or similar combos as the Spider II, within the price range of $250-$450. Please help, any info/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :D
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I have that exact same amp and it kicks ass. I played MANY MANY MANY amps in that same general price range $100-$500 and none of them even came close to the Spider II. Not to say that there aren't better amps out there than the Spider II, but you'll be hard pressed to find one with better tone in that price range.

Just my $.02
spider 2s suck IMO. they sound way to digital and processed. A roland cube 60 or Peavey Bandit would be better for the price.
flextones are much better...but more expensive.

Maybe consider a flextone.
ElectriK said:
spider 2s suck IMO. they sound way to digital and processed. A roland cube 60 or Peavey Bandit would be better for the price.
I can understand saying a real tube is better than a Spider II, but a cube 60 or Bandit? YIKES!
Yeah, seriously. I've owned both a cube 30 and a cube 60 and the Spider II's totally blow them out the water. I mean, it's not even close. But I guess it's all about your personal opinion. I would just say to go to like Guitar Center or wherever and play a bunch of different guitars on a few different amps including the Spider II and see which ones you like the best. Just going by what the amp says it can do really won't do you any good if you've never played one and really dialed into it.
I've played the Spider II at Guitar Center. I haven't yet played the Roland Cube 60, although I have seen great reviews on it. If anyone has sound clips using the Roland Cube 60 (not the product demos, acutal live clips) please post them.The Spider II seems like it's the best in it's price range and class. It has more amp models than the Roland Cube 60. Spider II = 12 Models. Cube 60 = 9 Models. If the sound does seem modeled, I'll just be happy with the amp (period)! Best in it's class with great reviews, nothing can really get any better than that...unless there are more amps in this class/price range with similar features? :D Thanks
if i were you i would look for used tube amps i just bought a 1984 120w Peavey Heritage VTX for 270 dollars and it sounds great and will last a long time
the roland cubes are great little amps.

and yes i would also check into maybe an older used tube combo, and even if you didn't like the distortion or if it even had distortion you could buy a nice pedal .

it really depends on what music your planning on playing as to what the best one is.

The vox valvetronics combos are a good vaule, espically if you have a nice overdrive pedal, i took my homemade overdriver to my local shop and plugged into one and it got realy good gain, i wasn't crazy about the vox's sound on it's own though.

for 389 you could get a fender ultimate chorus from ww-w.guitar^trader.-co-m (just take out all the little - and ^)
Polaris20 said:
I can understand saying a real tube is better than a Spider II, but a cube 60 or Bandit? YIKES!
Yes, the cube is great, the amp models and effects dont sound so processed and fake. I cannot stand the sound of spiders, but maybe thats just me
goofy913 said:
jra you can make overdrive pedals?
yeah , i made a pedal, it was my first one, next i am going to make an mxr disortion plus and the hornet. my morley wah crappy out so i am going to put 2 distorotions in the same case .

back to the point, i agree with ElectriK, i hate how fake and digital sounding the spiders are.

peavey has the new valve king 1x12 combo. It is 50 watts tube power and only 350$. Very cheap for a tube combo, i just dont know what they sound like . It's a peavey though and so i am sure i'll like it.
Anyone have any sound clips of these amps (Cube 60, Spider II, or ValveKing)? I'd like to see how they sound so I can compare. Thanks :D
for the spider go to line6.com the have a few
Are there any for the ValveKing?
wow 50 watts of tube for 350 for the valveking, that is sweet, whats the catch i wonder.
Really, is there a catch? Valve King seems to be a great amp, the only problem is that it dosen't have built-in effects. Spider II has effects built-in, and so does the Cube 60. Those are the style of amps I'm looking to purchase.
I want an amp that has built-in effects so I don't have to go buy a floor processor. How would you guys rate these amps. ValveKing, Spider II, and the Cube 60. Mine is this:
1. Spider II - 9,9.5
2. ValveKing - 9
3. Cube 60 - 7
.....any suggestions/opinions on rating them would be great! Thanks :D
the valveking is a new line for peavey, they have only been out a week or so, so i can't comment on them other than the fact that it is tube and cheap.

for the cube i would rate it pertty high, the amp modelings didn't sound like they were suppose to but it didn't matter too much because even though they different they sounded good. The cube is loud as well. I played the little battery powered one and i was impressed with how much sound it could put out without seeming stressed. So i would rate it about a 9

the spider .
It has all the effects and modeling crap, that isn't so much as important as quality of the effects and sound. I felt it lacked gain, what gain it did have was weak, and not a full sound , it all seemed too processed . The effects were sort of cheesy, again they sounded too processed and not natuaral. rating of about a 5

The vox valvetronics
these have extermly high quality effects in my opion they just lack in gain/amp modeling . like i said if you had a driver pedal in front of one they sound pertty good, plus you get all the high quality effects.
i would rate about 7.5

i maybe getting a valveking myself, i could use a more portable setup , plus with it being 50 watts i can power my cab with it as well . Peavey to me has some of the best stuff around for the money.
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i use a spider II HD, and it rocks...gain is plenty...tone is great...doesn't sound too processed to me, sounds perfect.
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