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hey guys it's steve.... i have been having REAL issues with my shredmaster account...i cannot login! i got so sick of it that i created another one called transam. i may be using that one in the future since for the last month i CANNOT logon as shredmaster...time and again i log on and then get brought right back to the logon screen! it took me an hour of trying before i got to post this...just an fyi.


as you may or may not know, atom films is again having a contest for the best star wars film parody. we have always wanted to do this especially after seeing the garbage that won previous years. if you make it far, which should not be hard to do, you will actually be reviewed by lucas as well. regardless, we will be up on atomfilms.com for viewing. more important than winning, we want to do this just to say we did it. this is due in may.

i have, as most of you may know, a video production biz so i have all the gear needed. we have most costumes and are working on stormtrooper stuff...but if you have a trooper costume, all the better. right now we have a cast of 4-5.

i need a couple things and thought i would reach out. if any of you are animators we need footage to use for the space battles. i have the green screen which the models will be filmed in front of (xwing tie fighter, etc.) i will be building the models this week or whenever i pick them up. i need footage in avi format. it doesn't pay anything to do this....i have spent a lot on stuff to get this filmed so i have lost money. it would just be a project to get your feet wet and use on a resume. i also need backgrounds of the deathstar to film the actors in.....since they will be acting in a green screen environment most of the time.

also if you have location ideas. i want a great location for a cool lightsaber battle......something cool like the field museum or warehouse / factory. i know we can't film in the museum, but i just wanted to throw that out there. i want ambience.

our script is close to done and it's comical but i want real FX. i'm an editor, photographer and audio guy, not an animator. i can only do so much in photoshop.

i will be doing all the editing, most filming, writing the score (since you can't use star wars music, working on foley fx and building the models.....too much to do.) post production audio in pro tools and all the mastering for video and audio. it's a big job........and i can't do it all.

if anyone is interested let me know.

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