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Step by step process on seting up a a tremolo guitar with heavy gague strings?

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does anyone have a "tutorial" on how to re-string a guitar with a tremolo (lo-pro) with 13 gauge strings for downtuning?

Is there much to it? im used to just fixed bridged guitars, but not trems, any help would be appreciated.
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I believe any "tutorial" on changing strings on a Floyd Rose will work for you. However, since you're using a string gauge heavier than it originally had and also detuning, you probably will need to either tighten the springs or add another spring.

If this is the first time you're putting strings on a Floyd Rose, I'd suggest getting a good cup of coffee or can of coke 'cause you may be spending a lot of time putting the strings on and setting it up.
its not the first time, I meant its the first time with heavy ass gauge....I was thinking of putting all 5 springs on the back, but that would drop the tremolo down, and well thats where im kinda stuck....
5 springs will handle 13's at pitch [barely]. Depending on how far you're detuning you probably won't need 5, and might not even need 4.
Well, we tune CGCFAD using D'Addarios 13's, but will the trem be usable?
It will feel like a 7string without the high string...
Isnt it too much tension on the neck?

Ive also thought about doing this once i put an old Jackson together...
I think you would need 3 maybe 4 springs and rejust the two srcews to get it all even.
marianozz said:
Isnt it too much tension on the neck?

Ive also thought about doing this once i put an old Jackson together...
I once put 13's on an RG 570 (older 1 pc. wizard neck) and the neck was bowing quite a bit, to the point where it wasn't really feasible.
Well, the strings are really beefy, but im used to it, my Flying V has no problems with 13's, nor did my custom strat..so now I need to set up my main guitar with 13's....so does that eman I would have to adjust the truss rod?
You may need to adjust the neck a bit, but other than that I don't see a reason why you can't. I've setup a RG570 with a set of 13's tuned B to b before and it was fine with three springs(trem still fully useable). You will probably want to re-intonate your guitar though.
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