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Well well well!!!
This listing truly needs no introduction...

Up for sale is the ORIGINAL and one of the earliest Carvin Legacy VL100 100W Guitar amp heads ever manufactured.
I was the first to own one of these in Australia through Cecere's Music back in 2000...
When Steve Vai traveled to Australia for the Ultra Zone tour in 2004/05, and needed a Legacy Head for his shows - This is the amp he used!

Steve used it for his entire Australasian Tour which included Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.
The amp also carry's significant history - Vai's tour of China, was the first time ever a US Rock act had performed in Communist China!!!

The Head has been thanked and signed by Vai himself - I also have his personal emails aswell on it's travels and how the amp "saved his ass" on tour!
I think back in the day at the time of this Ultra Zone tour, he was living next door to Britney Spears too - haha

As for the amp, and why I'm selling...
I'm currently downsizing a lot of my studio/music gear, and selling a bunch of items off to friends, family, and over various auction sites.

As for the amp, and sound...
Vai's amp settings are marked on the amp by his Tech Tom at the time!
The clean tones are so clear, glassy, and lush, and the lead channel just screams and sounds AMAZING and oozes Vai's tone and sustain.

As for the amp's condition.
I will say...
The tubes are all the original ones that Vai used from the tour - nothings has actually been changed...
So they've seen some serious mileage and definitely need replacing!
Saying that tho - the amp was always stored in road cases on tour, and kept in a smoke free/clean house environment and basically looks brand new, with that vintage leather binding, mesh grill, and Carvin designer styling - it looks beautiful!

Price - around $2,200
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or make an offer.
I can email pics aswell.

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