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still wanting to buy RG550

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Item for sale:
Yo, im desperatly trying to find a RG550 thats in decent shape.
Description & Condition:
I need something in de4cent shape, that hasnt been beeten to bits.
id like to spend between 300-400
My Location:crystal lake, IL

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

Other Information:
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i had a WTB ad like this one for a while with no responses.

in the end i found my dream '550 by responding to a FS ad. since then i've found maybe half a dozen contenders on that auction site.

my point being don't wait for someone to go looking for your ad. be proactive. hopefully someone will now prove me wrong by offering you a guitar!

thanks for the help, but what auction site are you talking about?
THE auction site. the one that dares not speak it's name on jemsite.
Oh, i See. Sorry im new to jemsite. I didn't know that we didn't speak of that name
Ok, I know that the auction site in question is the most horrendous excuse for a service ever, but has there ever been one particluar instance that has pushed everyone to not even say e*@y's name?

Sorry to the mods for posting convo stuff in the classifieds, it just seems sort like a "league of gentleman" kind of thing, local people and all that lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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