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My Strandberg Classic 6 Trem Multiscale Fan Fret Headless Guitar is from 2017 but purchased in 2018.

Color: Sonic Blue (Lovely color but now Discontinued)
Model: Classic 6 Trem
Pickups: H-S-S OEM
Setup: Professional with Slinky Hybrid 9s
Neck: EndurNeck with Pau Ferro Fretboard

Condition: Excellent. No visible marks, knicks, dents, scratches or anything crazy

Includes the following additions:

1. Two Trem Arms
2. Original Strandberg Gig Bag
3. Two Strandberg Picks
4. All the tools it shipped with
5. Extra Teflon Bushings
6. Extra metals caps for the string locks
7. Original Papers/Certificate of Authenticity

Price: US$1,350

Pickup Upgrade (optional): I can include/install a Dimarzio ToneZone or a PAF PRO Humbucker for an additional US$50.

Method: PayPal, Square Cash, Venmo

Shipping: US$50 in the contiguous USA and Canada
US$ASK for any other location

Pictures: On request
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