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Hey guys I used to be kotornut but I lost my password and changed my email so I couldn't retrieve it. I have a question that's been burning on me for a couple of years. You might laugh (I would) but if you can help I'd appreciate it.

Maybe ysomeone can help me, does a Peavey 5150 or 6505 (as they are called now) sound anything like the "Metal" amp clone on a Roland Cube 30. That channel is modeled after that tone. Now I know a full tube amp of that stature will undoubtedly sound much better, but is that Cube COSM tone any indication of what the real amp can do?

I know it's a difficult question but I really want to know, that way I can look toward my dream amp. I love how that channel sounds as far as emulation goes. And I dream of a sound like that but you know way up at full blown tube halfstack levels. I can do all of my electric material on that channel with just turning my volume knob to get clean. I know for most people this is absurd 'cause a Cube 30 is just a bedroom amp. But honestly, I get better tones than guys I play with who use more pro gear would like to admit, it's just too quiet and missing a little something (like 4 12 inch speakers and 120 watts of tube power?). I have had great tube amps before and know what a full tube rig feels like and adding that up in my head makes me get excited thinking that I might have a key into my tone quest.

Thanks in advance
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