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Strange rattle open E-string RG350DXZ

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I have this white RG350DXZ which appears to be a 2011 Indonesian Cor-Tek model

A problem that occurs when I pluck the open low E-string - or actually fretting any note at all - is that the note will die off abormally soon and it sounds like it has some component in the guitar buzzing. Also, the volume of the attack is significantly lower than the other strings. Kind of muffled I suppose you could say.
Things I tried, all no success obviously

  • Changed the pitch of the E-string
  • Changed the string itself
  • Changed saddles
  • Shimmed the nut a bit. Admittedly I used aluminum foil but I just wanted to see if changing the nut height did something
  • Raised the action to rule out buzz as a result of string hitting frets

Should be the trem probably. But what would be some things I could try I wonder. Change springs?
Thanks for any ideas.
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Maybe you've got a fret that's a little off compared to the rest. With the age of the guitar it's probably due for a fret level/dress.
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