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Have my eye on a guitar so I'm selling some of my surplus projects parts. All prices are negotiable; includes shipping to conus and paypal fees.

pic here:

1. Fender lite ash strat body - made in korea, natural finish, comes with factory duncans, generic neck plate and screws are included. $225

2. Lentz made Jackson/Charvel neck - bought it here from a forum member. Very nice neck made by Scott Lentz. Beautiful birds eye maple; needs some final finishing - $175

3. Warmoth neck - kramer style headstock, maple neck, rosewood board, clay dots. Comes with planet waves locking tuners (cuts the string excess once tightened which is a very nice touch). It also has the side truss rod adjustment on the heel. Has some issues, small crack in heel, small hole drilled all the way through on headstock. Both cosmetic. - $175

4. Ibanez RG1550M prestige/jcraft body - I took the neck for another project so I'm selling the body. It has lots of nicks (common for this series due to the finish). Comes with duncan blackouts. Missing a screw for the tremolo (see pix). - $225

5. Ibanez style neck - bought this on ebay for a project I never got around to. Never used and comes with the floyd nut. Note: the vine " inlay"is painted on. - $200

Trades - strat neck that will fit a strat with contour heel, maybe other non floyd guitars.

Thanks for looking!
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