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Hello new to the forum, I'm a new guitar player and I own a RG2550z and i was wondering about string changing and down tuning.
First, I never changed strings on a guitar, My guitar has edge zero and zps 3.
first question, when i change strings i should stick something under the bridge so it doesn't move, remove my strings put on new ones remove the thing i put under the bridget and then tune it again?
and after i tune them and i see if the bridge is parallel to the guitar and then use the roller at the back to change the spring tension so it is leveled.
my second question is, if I want to detune my guitar to something heavier like d tuning I do the same thing as changing strings? i stuck something under the bridge so it doesnt move, open the locking nuts, tune to D, tighten the locking nuts and remove the item i put under the bridge?
Sorry for my English it's my third language.:smile_big:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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