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Last week I got a brand new Ibanez S320, and its been a real nice improvement over my Squier bundle. :D

However, I'm having a problem with its tuning stability. After a short period of playing, all of the strings become flat by a noticeable amount. From what I can tell, after this point the strings either stop going flat or do it at as a much slower rate.

I'm pretty sure the bridge is parallel with the body. I already improved it slightly by using the thumbwheel to increase the tension, as I had to do a proper retune because my finetuners couldn't be turned in anymore after sharpening the strings so many times. :D Not too sure about locking nut though, as on some forums people have said not to tighten it too much. But they were pretty loose before, so I used the allen key to tighten them until I had noticeable resistance. I'm guessing I might need to mess around with the tension again, but as this is my first floating bridge, I rather not mess around randomly and end up with a snapped string.

So any informed ideas on what I can do to fix this? Cheers. :D
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