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Hi everyone,

I know its about as unexciting as Ibby's go but I got a 07' GRX20z at goodwill four months ago for $20. Everything was rusted to hell and it had a bit of water damage, but using spare parts from previous projects I've managed to bring the guitar back to life (and then some). Unfortunately, the trussrod nut is completely stripped, and the action is way too high for anything other than slide guitar right now. I know the guitar isn't worth much, and I could easily replace the neck, but I managed to hit the Indonesian lottery as the neck actually has quite a bit of birds eye in it. I'm trying to avoid using JBweld to free the damn thing, so I'm looking to invest in one of those StewMac trussrod gripper tools.

- What size is the Gio RG series truss rod nut?
- Are the nuts on Gio's replaceable?

Thanks for the help


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