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StroboSoft "Strobe" Tuner Hands-On Report & Affiliate link

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Jemsite.com is proud to announce a software affliliation with Peterson - the oldest tuner manufacturer in the world - for it's groundbreaking new StroboSoft virtual Strobe Tuning software. I have been using Peterson's new "StroboSoft" tuning software for the last week and you can read all about it at the link below. They will be showing this great new Tuner software at the sNAMM show this week and no doubt you will read alot more about it soon on the web and in print... glen

Read the "Hands on Report Here" of StroboSoft here:

Any purchases of StroboSoft through the link/bannner will help directly fund the site/forum. Link here:

http://www.jemsite.com/img/bnr/ss_banner.swf width=468 height=60

StroboSoft™ by Peterson - Peterson, the oldest tuner manufacturer in the world is proud to present - StroboSoft!

StroboSoft™ uses the power of your computer and its high resolution to accurately display the pitch of your instrument as compared to either traditional tuning standards,our Peterson Sweetened™ settings, other companies tunings, or contributor settings. With the 0.1 cents accuracy and sophistication of StroboSoft™, Peterson's 55+ years of tuning experience has now taken tuning from plain black and white to the world of high definition color!
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Great news! My current laptop's on it's last legs, but this is one app that's definitely going on my new computer. Thanks, Glen, for giving me another reason to buy a copy. :)
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