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suggestions on pedals?

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right now i'm using Ibanez half-stack
the distortion sounds good but i want to add a couple pedals to give a better and sweeter sound
any suggestions on distortion pedals (brand, model and price) or any other effect pedals? thanks!
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I just got a V-AMP 2, and for the money you can't go wrong. You get 32 different amp models, and just about EVERY effect you can think of on this. And let me tell you, it sound's sweet.....Iv'e been through just about every pedal on the market and nothing sounds as good as this for the price......
i am looking for single pedals...
which one is better between (boss distortion, boss turbo distortion, boss mega distortion, ibanez tube screamer, ibanez distortion)?
The pedals you've mentioned represent different catagories: overdrive, distrotion, etc. The DS-1 is popular around here due to it's use my you know who...but I personally could never warm up to it's sound. For general purpose distortion, I like something fairly tight and natural sounding, like these...

Old Proco Rat
Old Marshall Drivemaster & Shredmaster
ToneBone Hot British (big $$ and highly flexible)

For a more subtle overdrive, a modded TS-9 is a pretty good industry standard, but I like the Fulltone FDII and the Reverend Drivetrain. The Boss SD-1 is a good overdrive too, and is fairly cheap.

Can't really comment on mega-distortion pedals, but if you get something like the above, you can experiment with a dirty tone on the amp, and a slightly overdriven boost from a pedal to get a heavier sound.

Lots of other good choices out there...try to find something used and give it a shot...then resell and move on to something else. All the best in your tone-quest!
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thanks for all the input gklem :D
i'm going to Sam Ash to try different pedals this weekend
anyone tried Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-7 and Digitech XHR Hot Rod?
any feedback will be welcome
I also had a TS-7 (I've had WAY too many pedals)...not a bad version of the TS-9. The delay in that series is quite good for the money, too. :)
so you are a pedal expert! gkelm 8O
Boss DS-1 + Ibanez TS-7
how do you think?
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