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These guys just came out of their boxes last night and they're ready to be shipped to YOU!

• 30w cathode-biased head
• EL34 power tubes
• Solid state rectifier
• 12AX7 preamp tubes
• Tube-buffered effects loop
• Gold panel, gold logo, and gold piping
• Celestion V30 in the combo

Head - $1995.00
Combo - $2299.00

"Classic late-60's early-70's British sound… Big sound in a small compact package!" - Nearly a year in the making and in the concept stage in John Suhr's mind for an even longer period of time, the Badger has been John's labor of love and the crystallization of his vision of the ultimate low-wattage cathode-biased all-tube amplifier. Tonally, the Badger imparts a distinctly British flavor with the EL34 output section, but it doesn't quite sound like any of classic UK vintage amps.

Buy from me and get free shipping to the lower 48 states and pay no sales tax if you're outside of MA! 6 month 0% interest financing is alaso available if you want it.

Hit me up if you're interested in owning one of these little monsters!

Matt :)

Matt's Music Center
35 Pleasant St
Weymouth MA 02190 USA
Fender Custom Shop Dealer
6 months 0% Financing Available
Jackson/Charvel Custom Shop Dealer
Grosh, Suhr and Anderson Guitars Dealer
Splawn, Bogner and Mesa/Boogie shipped anywhere in the USA!
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