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I currently have the stock 5-way switch installed in my Ibanez RG321's. Would it make much difference if I installed a superswitch, as seen in the PGM and Satriani models?

I really want that nice hollow single coil sound in the neck position. But as it is with the stock 5-way switch I can't seem to accomplish that. Satriani seems to get some really nice single coil sounds (Lifestyle solo from Is There Love In Space).

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, I currently have PAF Pros in one of my RG's. In my RG7321 I have D-Activators. I just got a new RG321 and I plan to put a FRED in the bridge position, maybe a Humbucker From Hell in the neck, and I already have both of those.

Other pickups I have are:

Breed neck
Duncan JB bridge
Duncan Jazz neck
Duncan Screamin' Demon bridge
2 Super Distortions
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