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I traveled to Chicago from California last week to attend a wedding for a friend, and see my family.

My brother sits me down, and says he has a little gift for me.

7 month build time.

Carved, shaped, sanded and routed the body.

All masking.

All painting.

Fret inlay / clipping / leveling.

Custom Wiring.

Custom Bridge Modification.


2 Piece Basswood Body (Quartersawn for strength)
25.5 Inch Scale Length
12 Degree Radius Slight Birdseye maple neck, w maple 22 Fret Fretboard
R2 Locking Nut
Medium Fretwire (Nickel/Copper Alloy)
Standard Trussrod
Licensed Floyd Rose Trem Modded with Ibanez LO-TRS Saddles
Custom Neck Plate
MXR Volume Knob
500K Linear Potentiometer
GuitarFetish Humbucker

Yeah, my brother is pretty awesome. :)

I cried like a little girl when he handed it to me, and just had to share with you all.

...and yes: it plays, and sounds like a dream.

I couldn't have been more shocked, or happy.

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Absolutely amazing man........ what a great gift. You must have truly done something right for your brother to do this. Many people will be very envious of the brotherhood the two of you share.

Congratulations man!!!

FWIW...... Us Chicago guys are notoriously generous.......:grin::grin:
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