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sustaining harmonics at moderate levels

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this may have been discussed, but i searched around and didn't see it, so;

i'm working on some satriani songs and have the licks, riffs, and melodies down, but whenever i get to a section with wacky harmonics like parts in "satch boogie", i 1) can't get them to sustain long enough and/or 2) barely get them to ring out intitially.

i'm playing through a pod xt live at somewhat quiet volume, and sometimes through headphones. is there anything i should tweak to help me acheive some more sustain? how much of this has to do with simply playing louder?

btw, the guitar is a 550 w/evos and the amp is a roland jc-120.

i can play, but lack in gear knowledge, so don't be afraid to point out the obvious stuff ;)
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usually his amps are kinda on the loud side so having the harmonics sustain for so long is usually a "feedback" type thing. You can try using a compressor in your pod to try and milk a little more sustain out of it but for the most part you'd have to play with regular speakers (not headphones) and play sort of on the loud side.
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