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Tc D-two

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I noticed you use TC D-two delays in your studio rack (from your website)

DO you use them live? If not, what do you use? Can you do a simple review of the D-two?

Does Steve still use the Roland SDE-3000?


(PS a bunch of Recording gurus here in San Antonio use Nuendo)
If they dont use Pro tools, they are using Nuendo.
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The D2 is a great piece. It's cheap and it sounds great. When I take my full rack out, I do use the D2 in conjunction with the G-force and the Fireworx for some delays. But most of the time, I just use the G-Force live.

Steve really only uses the G-Force anymore (live).
What do you use out of the fireworx (live)?

hmmm... delays, verbs, chorus, bunch of wacky stuff.. it's TC's version of the Eventide minus the ridiculous pricing.
Dang it. Had one let it go - Didnt have time to mess with it. Oh well- I will demo it before i get it again.

I buy and sell new, used (vintage) equipment all the time and as soon as I get it - I sell it for profit.- I need to start trying the stuff I buy and sell - but then - I may not sell any of it !!! Ha!

I have been trying out a Roland SDE-3000, Chandler Stereo echo and a TC D-two. I just think that the D-two is tons more versatile than the others. I hear Satch uses the Chandler but I can tweak the D2 to the same warm delay. Anyway, I am sticking with the stuff that is still made, has a warranty and the Support exists! Amen

Yeah the older stuff is fine, but I prefer the newer stuff.. the d-2 sounds as good and better than that old stuff. But yes, if you get another fireworx, try it out.. i love that thing. I use it all the time to record, not just for guitar fx, but for drum verbs, weird bass sounds, etc.. it's so versatile.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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