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TC Electronic G-System Multi-FX Processor for Sale $700 + $50 shipping in the US.
Payment through Paypal.

This unit has the redesigned 3rd generation input section from the black G-System iB Modified.
4 loops for inserting Stomp boxes
4 built in relays for amp switching.
Rack Set up or Floorboard set up.
up to 25 quality effects
too much to list.
It comes with all original documentation/packaging


G-System foot controller
G-System processor brain
G-System brain POWER cable
1 MIDI cable (what better way to control your rack equipment)
2ft. RJ45 cable (if brain stays under foot controller)
1/4" jack Y- split cable.
USB cable)

User Manual
Quick Start Guide
TC Electronic Brochure
Laird Williams - Understanding and Configuring Your G-System Guide.
Instructions on how to restore to factory set up.
G-System Stick on Buttons labels.
Shipping with the US Continent.
It will be packaged well and shipped out quickly.





Thank you.
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