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So last years the AZ guitars where announced. I tried the blue premium HSS one a few months later and found them to sound "OK". I was more into other guitar tones at the time, but a few months later i got my hands on the MM1 AZ. This is one of the best guitars i owned, and i just love it. One downside is that for all the hype in terms of tuning stabilty, it's OK but not as solid as the Edge zero II. At least in my XP.

Now i would like to hear some of your opinions about them.


Do u like AZ more than RG (prestige)?

Would u recommend one?

Premium VS prestige?

What would u change about the range?

Januari the first there will be more info of the new models
check this guys YT.

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I own the Premium AZ242 and love it. Being a Premium it did have it's shares of issues. Tuning stability was not one of them. Very surprised to hear about that on a MM1! I can do Satriani trem stuff on the AZ and still remain in tune. It's quite remarkable like that. As for 1) I'd say it's a different animal from a Prestige RG. Not sure how different the Prestige AZ is compared to a Prestige RG but I'd hope the quality is better. Would I recommend one? Yes! Even the Premium!
Would I change anything about the line? No. Maybe I'd offer stock Dimarzio's. NOT the typical TZ/AN combo though. I'm very curious as to how a set of 36th anniversary Dimarzio's would sound in mine but the stock Seymour's are great too.
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