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I own the Premium AZ242 and love it. Being a Premium it did have it's shares of issues. Tuning stability was not one of them. Very surprised to hear about that on a MM1! I can do Satriani trem stuff on the AZ and still remain in tune. It's quite remarkable like that. As for 1) I'd say it's a different animal from a Prestige RG. Not sure how different the Prestige AZ is compared to a Prestige RG but I'd hope the quality is better. Would I recommend one? Yes! Even the Premium!
Would I change anything about the line? No. Maybe I'd offer stock Dimarzio's. NOT the typical TZ/AN combo though. I'm very curious as to how a set of 36th anniversary Dimarzio's would sound in mine but the stock Seymour's are great too.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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