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Recently i just got an 2004 Ibanez RG 320 FM equiped with an Edge Pro II trem. Yeah i know it isnt the most top quality trem around, but to be honest its pretty friggin stable and fluid-like. Its not as fluid as the Edge Pro and Edge Lo Pro, but overall it is a pretty reliable trem. The overall size of the Edge Pro II is relativaly small for a locking bridge and its fine tuners are directly behind the string saddles like a Lo Pro bridge. It has those cool little string-ball holders too like the Edge Pro. Once you start playing, its easy to reat your hand on it without going sharp and the overall hand mobility around it is simply amazing; its almost feels like a hardtail bridge besides the trem bar. As for the trem bar itself, I can't say it is very good because it is prone to a slight "wobble" when you push or pull it back, and when you play on it you will tend to notice that the bar dosen't have enough vertical space from the bridge itself. This is a little annoying when you wanna have the bar aside your wrist and the stupid first bend on the bar is so low that it will rub your wrist, and this will take some time to get used to. Its also kinda hard to let it swing freely without it going around all wild cause the bar is a screw in style unlike the Edge Pro. Overall this is one of the best "economy" buget trems; it may have a few downsides, but it is nothing a little tinkering and customizing can't fix to make it one pretty decent locking trem.

Even with all this said however, I stll want to get a bit more expensive trem installed on my RG 320 FM, because like the RGT 42 DX, it has the potential to be hell of a good guitar with a few modifications. So anyway, I was wondering if it was possible to put a Floyd Rose Speed Loader trem in the cavity of my Edge Pro II with minimal or no routing necessary. I know i would have to replace the nut and fill in the holes of the of the tuning keys. But there was one thing i dont know. Can the FR Speed Loader trem be tuned down to drop D (DADGBE) or a whole step down to DGCFAD? I was wondering about this because i know that the strings are double balled and it would seem hard to drop the tuning unless you got different length strings or super adjustable fine tuners. This is a questioning that has been in my head for a long time. So if someone can answer it, i would be really grateful!

-Solo John-


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