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The Guitar Hero Series: Kraig Kenning
Written by Ava

The Guitar Hero series on Jemsite features interviews with guitarists and musicians who may not have star status YET, but their current situations have shaped them to be who they are--determined, fond of their craft, and heroes in their own right. Perhaps you'll see in these upcoming entries the next Jimi Hendrix, Melissa Etheridge, or Duane Allman. Or perhaps they'll become household names by doing what they do best--ripping a mean riff!

Just call him the Talking Heart. After all, guitarist Kraig Kenning certainly believes that his live performances are merely his heart talking out loud. His music, a blend of wispy ballads, folk, and Americana, proves his passion for his craft and he'll be the first one to admit that he hopes it truliy comes through in his shows.

We were lucky enough to interview the American Fingerstyle king and we've made himt his week's Guitar Hero:

How did you come to pick up the guitar?

I listened to music on loud stereos that my older brothers had some of my older brothers friends were what you would call hippies and that sat around a park playing guitars and I could not get enough listening. One of those guys talked me into getting a guitar. I also played guitar in mass at the school I was in, starting in 7th grade

Who are your musical and guitar influences?

Started off with the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Leo Kottke, and Dylan after years of playing way too many to mention--but I am a sucker for a well written ballad. Patti Griffith is hard to beat.

How would you describe your music?

It's a combination of a lot of music I grew up listening too it's a bit of an excuse to write whats on my mind but to get people to listen you have to make it attractive musically as well a little finger style mixed with some edgy slide then off to a mellow ballad.

Your bio says that you manage to leave every audience feeling like they've just spent quality time with an old friend. How do you connect with your audience and can you offer some words of wisdom to up and coming guitar players out there?

I'm pretty sure this is just the heart talking out loud. When you do something with passion and people pick up on it that allows them to drift off in their own dreams for a while.

What is your "trademark dobro?"

A dobro is a resophinic guitar that sounds appealing when using a slide bottle instead of fretting. a lot of Blues performers have used them as well as country players. I go somewhere in between with mine.

You are said to be one of the best at American Fingerstyle. How do you practice?

All the time ! you need to practice a lot and in the beginning it can be a bit redundant. Like working out to be good at a sport. I used to sit in front of the tv with a rag under my strings to quiet the sound and practice finger patterns. When I worked as an orderly I used to wrap my fingers in alcohol pads to harden the calluses. Nowadays I wish I had more time to just practice. I tend to have to practice in front of audiences or steal an hour before a show. I'm no expert but slowly picking up.

What are some of your latest projects?

I am almost finished with my second short story. Its about an old horse and a young pony. No to long ago I finished my 7th album called Blue and Green. Its pretty mellow. Kind of like Neil Young's Harvest album. I really like it and im glad im finished with it more recording to come more writing and I would love to up the gigs a notch and do more theatres etc...

Where do you see yourself going with your music?

Wherever it takes me and hope fully that place will provide for me so that I can continue to do what I love for a living
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