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Recently I have become somewhat interested in the 2005 X series of guitars. yeah i do realize they arent the most top quality series of the Ibanez family however i dont really know how to catagorize them. i mean they play real nice and the X style neck is a bit slimmer than the wiz II but it is still worthy. can some one tell me anything they know about the X series. thanx. Hey you can check out these guitars at


if you have any other info on the Ibanez X series please post a reply. Ohh and does anyone know how much a typical rerouting for a hardtail bridge into a Floyd Rose trem costs on average including the trem set up? Because in a few days i am going to get an Ibanez RVX 220 and it is the only V style guitar Ibanez offers so i really love it. However i plan to replace the bridge and nut with a Floyd Rose and get an EMG 81 bridge active PU installed. The thing is i am not really sure how much the rerouting will cost so it would be awsome if someone could give me an estimate for it. And thanx for taking the time to check this thread out.
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