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Heya folks!

I've been hoping you guys could offer me some advice. I ordered a crapload of gear today and I'm not sure how to put it together.

Heres what I got:

Ibanez RG2550 Prestige
Dimarzio Fred
Dimarzio PAF-Pro
Fernandes FSK-101 Humbucker driver

I'm currently playing an RG520 with a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge, and a craptacular neck pickup.

I have a Jem7vwh (2004) but I want to keep it stock.

How should I arrange this new gear? Should I put the sustainer in the old faithful RG520 and hope the routing doesn't destroy the thing? Or route out a brand new guitar and throw it in there?

I am having a hard time deciding!

Any advice would be great!

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I'd put the PafPro in the neck of the 2550, and the Fred in the bridge. Then put the Fernandez in the neck of the 520. 520 bodies are fairly cheap on auction sites, so I wouldn't worry too much about destroying the body. Or, if you aren't in love with the sustainer, sell it and get a new neck pickup for the 520 (maybe a regular PAF) and a case of beer (to help you concentrate on the soldering ;) ). PAF's sound great in mahogany bodies.
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