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Just watched 20 mins (of 84 mins) of new DVD. Sound is great, camera work is great, music is listenable & enjoyable. ...Repeat-- listenable & enjoyable. This is not the high kicking, prancing, pouting, "dragons of death from the sky are coming for you" YJM we've come to love / hate.

Yes, he has the normal physical smirks, jerks, and winces we all have when we hit a good note-- but from what I've seen so far-- YJM takes this performance as pretty serious. I am still amazed you can *hear* every note at the speed that they are played. He really doesn't "blurr" without trying to.

I look forward to the acoustic bits of this DVD. Impressive stuff.

-= H / M =-
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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