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Bolivian Rosewood/Swamp Ash Swan LN6 - Available Now - $2600

This is the last of three Bolivian Rosewood guitars that we've built from a single piece of wood. The first two had solid tops while this one has our distinctive sound hole. Whether it's the result of the sound hole, or just the whimsical fate of the guitar gods, this one sounds entirely different than the first two, despite being identically configured. While the first two were tonally among our more aggressive guitars, this one may well be our most mellow. It combines a gentle warmth with a tremendous acoustic presence. In the right hands, it would make a wonderful blues guitar. It's also probably the best jazz guitar we've ever built.


* Bolivian Rosewood top, swamp ash back
* One piece Maple Neck
* Poly finish on the neck and body, clear front and vintage tint on back
* Three ply binding on body and sound hole (Iveroid with black/white purfling and a black contrast strip)
* Chrome hardware
* Cocobolo fingerboard with side markers
* Sea Snail positions markers with surrounding brass rings
* DiMarzio Bluesbucker pickups
* 3 way LP style pickup switch
* Black pearl truss rod cover with inlaid swan (not shown in photo)
* Pau Ferro pickup rings
* Rosewood knobs with inlaid pearl position markers

Here are links to two short clips of this guitar.

Both Pickups

Neck Pickup

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