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So, as I've stated a few times here on Jemsite, I move in about 2 weeks from Long Island to Virginia. So I'm in my basement looking through the multitudes of cartons and see a comic box (my preferred manner of storage for various knick-knacks) in a corner that I've yet to open. Upon opening, what else do I find but some old gear that I thought was lost forever! Including:

Fostex 4 track w/ adapter (like I've seen a blank cassette in the last 5 years :p )
Yamaha REX50 multiple effects processor (with memory programs still intact)
Rockman X100
Footswitch to a Randall Jaguar 50 watt amp
Boss pedals complete with instructions and boxes -> Heavy Metal, Flanger, Noise Surpressor, Pitchshifter/Delay, Chorus & Compression/Sustainer.

Not a bad find, I think. :)
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