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I made a trip in midi guitar once... and the roland gr33 is by far the easiest way to do it..... the easiest way this time however is certainly not the best... the gr33 is slow as hell on most patches and you might as well forget about the low e string cause i found that the tracking was soooo bad ...

In general its fine if you want to play chords with it and let the preprogrammed arpeggiator (grrr) do its thing but I found the tracking to be too slow to be useful for playing melodies and it eventually drove me insane....

the big thing is you have to stop playin the guitar like its a guitar and thats where it stopped being fun for me....

Had a yamaha g50 for a while and that was great... alot better tracking... I heard theres even better ones now... maybe one day ill look into it again... but the g50 is fiddly cause you have to learn how to use it and then buy a synth module(s)....
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