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Hey folks! I have some great news for everyone:


More info can be found here:

Like the site says, don't hammer AllParts for units yet. Give them a few weeks to get them built and shipped to their door. Building 100 is pretty quick; building 10,000 takes a *little* more time. Let's hope for deliveries to start happening somewhere around Summer NAMM (a total guess, but...should be close to then).

Price: MSRP will be somewhere between $50 and $60, which includes the Deep-C.

The Tremol-No Classic will be the first model built. If all goes well, we will follow up with the Tremol-No Standard for all the Ibanez guys.

I would like to thank a few people, if you guys don't mind....

First off, Rachel. For sticking with me, not minding that I stay up for days at a time, down in the shop, running the milling machine all damn night while she's sleeping. I wish everyone could have a girl like her in their life. She really is fantastic. I'm one lucky SOB.

I have to thank my parents. They were super-supportive of this whole project (once I explained exactly what a tremolo system did. LOL). They're just plain awesome.

My patent attorney, Sean Casey. That guy doesn't own a guitar, but man....he rocks harder than Peter North in a Victoria's Secret store.

Next off, all the guitar people-
The entire AllParts company, Lisa Sharken, Steve Blucher, Jim Donahue, all the folks at Ibanez and the LACS, the guys at Fernades Co. Japan, the uber-techs at Ernie Ball/Music Man, Jol Dantzig, my buddies at Peavey, John Suhr, Nik Huber and 'Vegas Greg', every single one of the players on the Players page, and those who aren't up there (you know who you are), Larry Davis and his crew, Vince Cunetto, and last (but not least), Joe Satriani for calling my house right before I was about to put the first fork full of dinner to my mouth.

And my online buddies-
-Project Guitar forum members
-The Gear Page forum members (and admin!!!)
-The Vai.com forum (and admin!!!)
-The Memphis Monster and the Shawn Lane forums (all versions)
-The *real* Allan Holdsworth forum
-The Nik Huber board (and admin!!!)
-Sevenstring.org forum members (and admin!!!)
Some are goofballs, some are psychos, all of them better players than me, but I'm proud to be able to call them the folks I hang out with online.

If I left anyone out, please forgive me. It's been a 2.5 year process, and some of the names probably just escape me right now.

And thanks to everyone that's ever emailed me about the Tremol-No. You guys have sent me the coolest emails, and some of the most bizarre requests. All of them have been awesome.

Thanks again to everyone. I'll update the site as soon as AllParts has units ready to ship out.

Rock on!

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All I know is, it's about time, and a well deserved reward for some great thinking and hard work. Worldwide distribution rights... THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND.
How many Tremol-no's do you think will be produced and sold?

To have an idea transformed into a living, breathing thing and then be widely accepted as an awesome cure for trem equipped guitar users, who want a little more from their axe.
I'd be floating in my own little world right now... not that I'm not already, but, you know...

Congrats again man, and thanx for having me on the list.


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Kev, Satriani called you? HOLY $HIT!!! That'd be awesome. You've hit the big time now, I hope this really takes off for you. And I hope you get a decent chunk of that $60 or so they'll be selling it for.

Thanks Kevan. The world (at least my little part of it, anyway) is safe for trems finally.
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