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I have a Marshall 4X12 cab with celestion greenbacks, would the Hellcat push it allright, or should I look at the RK?
I'd say it would, 35W tube can be alot (and the shop owner told me to crank it right up! Yay!)...

But if you like the Marshall tone, I'd say the MK would be more to your liking. They make a two channel version as of late too...

And good speaker choice btw.

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I have a Marshall 4X12 cab with celestion greenbacks, would the Hellcat push it allright, or should I look at the RK?
Theres a used MK50 MKII for stg1699 in coda at the moment. They are usually pretty flexible on price, id imagine youd get it for 50 quid less. If youre in the market for a hellcat, id swing a few extra quid for the 50MKII.

tomgilroy said:
Had you told me four days ago, I'd have taken the number, went right up and taken it off him.
Thats a double pity, the thing has been sitting in the buyandsell for months now.

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Right....since it's getting VERY CLOSE to the end of the year (already), I thought I'd start a thread where we can all share our aromatic experiences:)

This years been a bit gassy! Even though I was unemployed for nearly 4 months!

Okay.......in March, I saw a deal for a Korg D3200. Musicians Friend was having a close out and I got the following package for $ 999.00
It that an okay deal??

A Korg D3200 32-track Digital Recording Studio
An MXL 992 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
A pair of MXL 993 Condenser Microphones
A pair of M-Audio BX5A 70W Active Studio Monitors
3 Musician's Friend Tripod Mic Stands with Fixed Booms
A 50-Pack of Pro Media CDRs
3 Lo-Z 20' Mic Cables
2 Live Wire Advantage 10' Instrument Cables


Next - in July.....the one and only Vrmr:mrgreen: (at least until JP gets his neck back) BTW - how's that coming, JP??


Well, I've gotten tired of going through drummers and having them take their kits, etc. So I decided I wanted a house kit.

Pearl Forum Series w/Zildjian symbols/DW 7000 double pedal. (it's a blast:D)

Shortly after I got the drums, this came along:)
Chance meeting on a bus! Actually, I'm thinking it was more destiny than chance, because Shaun has become a very good friend! He can play guitar and bass, but not very good, lol....but he sure can PLAY dem drums! We've got 7 all original songs down. I think we may actually be on to something here. I'll post some vids soon. Remember, we are just getting together so don't tear me apart too bad:lol: (WE NEED A LEAD SINGER!!!!!) Anyone interested???

And last, but not least...the HIGHLY controversial IbanED :lol:



Alright..that's my Gaseous story. I've found that it is good and healthy to "expult" gasses from time to time:razz:

Anyone else care to share their Aromatic advenuress of 06???? ;O)

We'll have to do this every year;O)
Nice, Jim! There is still alot of stuff I want too. One of these days, I will have it all -that's what I told myself.

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I have pretty much beaten my GAS (believe it or not :wink:) except for:

1)I still want a DNA
2) YJM Fender Strat
3) Washburn EC-29 or EC-36
4) Gibson LP ZW Bull's eye
5)Alvarez Dana Scoop

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ENGL Special Edition
Flightcase for ENGL SE + 3 rack units
ENGL 212 V30
ENGL 412 V30
Ground Control Pro
Morley Bad Horsie
RG 7620 (2000)
UVPBK 777 (1999)
Boss rack eq

Sold my RG550, 2 Marshall 1912, Behringer FCB1010, Mesa 20/20, Marshall 9001 pre, some Boss pedals


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Ibanez RG2771 Prestige
Washburn X50 Pro


Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Strat USA

Thats about it really.
Nothing too major going on this last year. 2007 might well be a whole other story though. I just have a feeling a huge change-around is in order. ;)
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