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These pedals live up to their name

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Remember those soundtank pedals from back in the late 90’s. I have to say they live up to their name,these things are freaking tanks.

Here’s the story… These were some of the first pedals I owned. A few years ago I started feeling nostalgicabout them and decided to get the whole series. Except for a few like the EchoMachine & Crunchy Rhythm & ModernFusion, they were pretty cheap & easy to find. There’s like 19 or 20 total in the series& I had them all. I even made apedal board just for them. I was happy& my nostalgia was satisfied.

Then we reach August of 2016 and along comes the massiveflood in Louisiana & I’m caught right in the middle of it. I got 5 ft. of water in my house. The set of pedals (along with much of myother gear) sits underwater for 3-4 days. Once the water subsided, the pedals were leftcovered in funk. Figuring there was nosalvaging them I was going to throw them out but for some reason decided tohang on to them. I guess I was thinkingI could tinker with them later on. Theygot stuck in a tote and put aside

Fast forward to yesterday evening. I’ve been in a new house,have been fixing and/or replacing my gear. On a whim I pulled out the tote withall the pedals in it. I think to myself orgrins and giggles let me go ahead and stick a battery in one & see whathappens. Not expecting anything otherthan a dead pedal I click the switch & to my shock the LED comes on. I think no way. I try another, the LED on that one comes on. I’m standing there in disbelief as one afteranother they are all coming on. I testthem out on my practice amp & theyare functioning properly. When all is saidand done, only 2 of them were dead.

I am truly amazed for being a cheap set of pedals even whenthey were new, being 20 or so years old, and after sitting underwater for3-4days these little guys survived and are still going. Like I said before they really do live up tothe name soundtank.
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My first pedal was the PowerLead. That is all I know about it.
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