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I've found a 1999 MIJ Rg450AH at a very nice price. (300€. In comparison, a brand new RG550 costs 930€ here in Denmark).

From the serial, I know it's made at the fujigen factory. Is it safe to assume it therefore has the same build quality and quality control as the more expensive guitars from the same time period? Only it has inferior hardware?

Im not a trem guy, so I plan on blocking it. So would it even matter, that the Lo-trs isn't as good as the Edge?

I plan on swapping the pickups as well (The guitar is silver finished, and has a mirror pickguard, so I plan on going all out on bling and putting in some chrome dimarzios!)

But... pickups would cost me another 240€. That's still only 540€ for a MIJ Ibanez with dimarzio's. But I'm getting very close to the price range of used prestige's. So maybe it would be better to spend a little more on one of those?

Thanks in advance :smile_big:
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